Ymir Coin

Ymir Coin aims to bring the Ragnarok community back
to its glory days for the love of the game.

is a token built into the core game system.

It is needed to access midgard which is the major avenue to earn from playing Ragnarok.

The token will sit at the heart of RSS’ play to earn mechanics, building towards players being able to earn tokens in-game by completing some challenges:

Completing Daily/Weekly/Monthly Quests, Seasonal Guild Wars, Staking and Liquidity Provider.

Aside from that, with our Ymir pay, merchants can accept and send payments. And since RSS players earn Ymir tokens within the game that have value, they can trade these on decentralized exchanges for hard cash.

What is Crypto?
Ymir Coin

Problems & Solutions


One of the most challenging aspects of cryptocurrencies is the change in value dramatically over a short period of time.

One example is when you bought $100 worth of tokens today, and if it decreases the value into half the next day, it means that you already lost twice the value of the token in a week.

If you’re a speculator, you probably won’t pay attention to that, but as a player, it may really be alarming.



But this problem can potentially be solved through our stable tokens.

Now, if Ymir coin market price is $1 and a scholar earns 1500 stable tokens, when it gets converted the scholar gets 1500 Ymir coins.

In the event that Ymir coin price goes up to $2 the next day, the 1500 stable tokens will be converted into 750 Ymir coins.

This will serve as a security and guaranteed ROI to all investors.

Regardless of the Ymir price on the market, daily earnings will not be affected.

This involves establishing two tokens, the stable token and a native cryptocurrency with the stable token acting like a bond and the native cryptocurrency acting like a share.

A bond is a very stable asset that can be stored and retrieved at a later date without losing its value while a share is a very volatile asset.

Any time the value of the cryptocurrency fluctuates too much, the supply can be controlled by exchanging them for a certain amount of tokens.

If the value drops too quickly, the player can purchase the stable token for a fixed amount of cryptocurrencies then destroy the excess thus, it increases the value of each existing crypto tokens. If the value goes up too fast it will be the other way around and more cryptocurrency is generated. This regulates the supply of another token by the value of the stable token and reduces heavy inflation or deflation.

Ymir Mobile APP

Ymir Pay

Android & ios app

A convenient mobile wallet and a good alternative payment method. YMIR Pay enables you to do almost any translation and works like GCash App from Globe Telecom. In simplest terms, YMIR Pay is mobile money or e-money that allows you to pay bills, send or receive money to small merchants. Through YMIR Pay, it allows you to do these transactions anytime and anywhere without going to the bank or the need to withdraw money.

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June 2020
Ymir Coin
December 2020
Started the development
of Ymir Coin.
October 2021
Started Ymir Coin Campaigns and
Releasing of Whitepaper.
Whitelisting for private sale.
Live Now
November 2021
Private Sale
Pre Sale
and Public Sale.
December 2021
Final Phase
of our pre sale.
Q1 2022
Token Distribution.
Pancake Swap Listing.
Open Beta.
Official Launch.
Play to Earn.
About coin


Coin Image

Ymir Coin

YMIR's mission is to help old-time Ragnarok Online players who want to play and earn income at the same time. Integrating the AXIE concept in Ragnarok means they can choose to invest and become a manager or be employed as a “scholar.”

We envisions a platform that introduces blockchain technology to a wider range of audiences, including the layman. By empowering players this way, we are giving them economic opportunities to generate income.

Token Stats

Token Distribution


To calculate the number of tokens you’ll receive, you can follow the following formula. Note that this applies to private presale contributions only.

Symbol: YMIR

Token Supply: 124,000,000 Ymir Coin

Initial Value: 1 YMIR = $0.2

Bonus: 10%

Type: BEP20

Ymir Development


This is our current team and we are looking forward to add more
passionate individual to our growing team.

Vy Low
CEO / Developer
Romero Navio
Team Supervisor
Oliver Subiaga
Graphic Designer
James Semeña
Content Creator / Broad Caster
Lalyn Joy Losa
Support Staff


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